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  Sent by naga (chennai) , 12 March 2011
  It will be good for Both..... Some males want light during intercourse.
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Can oral sex cause AIDS?
  Sent by saurabh (delhi) , 21 December 2010
  I has oral sex with a professional sex worker. Though I did not have intercourse with her, am very scared now as I have got some rashes in my mouth and on my penis. Can oral sex cause AIDS? How can I confirm that I do not have AIDS?
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Can eating with an infected person cause AIDS?
  Sent by Abhay (Delhi) , 10 November 2010
  I went out for dinner with my girl friend and we shared the same plate. Later on, I came to know that she is HIV positive. We did not indulge in any sexual activity. But I am sacred if eating in the same plate transmit the infection? Can it cause AIDS?
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Does oral sex trasmit HIV infection?
  Sent by Kamal (Delhi) , 30 August 2010
  I had oral sex with a call girl a few days back. We did not have intercourse but only oral sex. I still fear. Can such an exposure cause HIV infection? Please clarify...
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Is there no drug to prevent dengue?
  Sent by vishal (Delhi) , 23 August 2010
  I have high-grade fever for the last six days. The fever goes up at night and falls in the morning. Is it dengue? ALso, Is there no drug or vaccine to prevent or to cure dengue?
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Painful intercourse
  Sent by Swara (Delhi) , 26 July 2010
  I just got married and unable to have intercourse dur to excessive pain. What options does medical science have for reducing pain due to sex? I am otherwise a haelthy lady.
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Unable to sleep post childbirth
  Sent by sunita (Delhi) , 11 June 2010
  I am not able to sleep for the last one month. This has happened after I delivered my first baby. Even if the baby is sleeping, I am stressed that he'd get up and feel hungry. What should I do?
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Do I have AIDS?
  Sent by Kunal (Delhi) , 08 June 2010
  I had unprotected sex with my girl friend last week but came to know that she had sex earlier with somone who always keeps ill. After having sex with my girl friend, I started devleoping pimples on my penis. What are the chances that I have AIDS?
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Is sex harmful?
  Sent by kunal (Delhi) , 01 June 2010
  I am a 19 years old boy. I want to have sex with my girl friend, who denies it. She says sex is harmful and can cause both of us great guilt. Is it so?
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Do I have HIV?
  Sent by Swapnil (London) , 28 May 2010
  I had sex with a friend of mine who had urinary tract infection. I am feeling urinary burning since then. Is it because I have also been infected because of having sex with an infected person. I am scared can urinary tract infection lead to HIv or AIDS also???
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