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ear surgery
  Sent by deepika (hyderbad) , 23 July 2011
  hi everyone! my name is deepika and iam 24yrs old,am working in mnc company as a software i faced problem with my clients as iam unable to hear the sounds,and i losed my confidence levels
due to hearing problems..
today am sharing my surgery experience with you on i experienced with my hearing loss surgery..
6 months ago i suffered severe pain from my left ear and some pus is discharged from my ear,and i faced heavy hearing loss
that i cant even heard some,that one day me and my mom went to hospital, consulted ent surgeon dr.anuradha from micro institute of ent
in hyderabad..
she diagnosed me with ct scan and otoscopy ,audiometry exams on that day.then the doctor noticed that
i had ruptured ear drum with infected mastoid bone..and she advised me to undergo tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy surgery as much as possible
but i very scared of my surgery that my doctor kept me in observation as she prescribed me to use antibiotics for 1 month..
i had taken antibiotics for 2 months but still my problem existed,so again i consulted dr.anuradha..she finally told that its time to
undergo surgery as if u want to get your hearing back...
so ,finally with doctor opinion and my mom suggestion, i prepared for my surgery..dr.anuradha given surgery date 24th april 2011..
as i again reconsulted my surgeon ,she explained the surgery that time i was very cool and confident to undergo surgery..

as the day came 23rd april..i was admitted in hospital..the doctor again re examined me and prepared me for my surgery..that night i was
stayed in hospital with my mom...on the next day morning..its my surgery of the nurse came and given my surgery dress,i weard
surgery dress and sitted calmly...its timed morning 8:30 as the surgery is going to start at 10am..
dr.shwetha (anesthesist) came and explained the procedure,and she inserted iv to me ,as i sedated for a time..then Dr.anuradha came and
taken me to surgery i was very scared of surgery as i seen tears from my mom eyes....
i entered in to surgery room ,there ,i was much scared after seeing the knives and scissors which were going to be operate on me..
Dr.shwetha given anesthesia and kept mask upon me,before that my ear was tightly fitted with clothes under i cant seen
anything that time i was totally sedated but i heared some drilling i felt the surgeon is incisioned my ear....
i was totally slept asleep 1:00pm i was awaked as the surgeons are dressing ear ..
on that night i felt very bad with my ear due to pain...
after 3days the doctor removed striches from ear..and i went audiometry exam..again its fine my hearing was fine and no
pus is discharged from 28th i was discharged from hospital and i again back to my work....
in this my experience i was very thankful to dr.anuradha and dr shwetha who treated me with carefull heart....
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  Sent by vishal gupta (tarn taran) , 03 May 2011
  I have Psoriasis from about 5 years, i have just came back from Australia after four years, this problem was severe when i was in Australia, over there i visited general practionors to skin specialists but didn't get much relief , i have also paid thousands of dollars to naturopathic but end up with no luck. Now days i am in india and After a treatment in Ayurveda because i know there is no permanent cure for this problem in Allopathic.
If anybody can help please let me know.


vishal gupta
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Excessive Thinking and Worrying
  Sent by SUNDEEP (Delhi) , 07 April 2011
  I tend to think too much about all circumstances, its pros, cons and consequences. As a result I worry too much and always under stress. I know it is WRONG, but i am unable to put a STOP to this monkey mind. I do not want to take pills to make me calm.

I am suspecting it may cause health problems for me . Please advise what do people who suffer from this problem handle it.

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  Sent by Jeff (Mumbai) , 16 March 2011
  It as an embarrasing problem for most people. While working in office or at home, how do you overcome this problem of the urge to pass gas. Sometimes it becomes unbearable in certain circumstances. The unflattering sound and smell is very embarrasing.
This is often a taboo topic..I invite both male and females to share their experience and how they manage it.
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  Sent by naga (chennai) , 12 March 2011
  It will be good for Both..... Some males want light during intercourse.
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  Sent by Rama (bangalore) , 25 February 2011
  My husband wants lights to be on during intercourse. Also My husband force me to do masturbation for him regularly. He wants me suck his penis regularly. He also wants me to meausure the length of his hard and long penis. Ofcourse, I also enjoy and like to do all these things. Is this common in all men ?
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  Sent by Narayan Parodkar (Panaji) , 23 February 2011
  I am the CKD patient for last ten years, but my blood pressure raise up to 130 to 135 mmHg or some time goes down up to 110. I do not have right kidney since birth as per the medical report. My left kidney is malfunctioning, I have no any time facing sickness like vomiting, swelling in the body or any such symptoms of kidney disorder. Sir, please give me your suggestion to me for my better life.
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Kidney Transplanation
  Sent by xyz (Delhi) , 17 January 2011
  My 26years old girl. I want to donate my one kidney to my mother. Because my mother is ckd patient in from two years. She is 60 years old & she is suffering from high blood pressure .her hg. 4.5 this time .what is possble my mother suitable to kidney transplanation surgery. Please give me correct suggestion for this plan. I hope you give me correct suggestion for this plan
Thank you.
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Transplantation kideny.
  Sent by Madhu (Delhi) , 14 January 2011
  My problem is i want to donate my one kideny to my mother. Because she is already C.R.F & high B.P.patient .She is already 60 years old. what is possible or not possible.Please as soon as give me my question's answer.
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No urine
  Sent by MS Yadav (Madhya Pradesh) , 06 January 2011
  hello, i am 36 years old. usually we urinate while passing bowels. but for the last 2 days, i do not urinate while passing bowels... Is not passing urine while bowel movement a disease? pls guide.
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