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Rehabilitation Medicine
Alcohol abuse is a condition in which a person drinks to the point that this habit interferes with his or her life. Alcohol dependence describes a more severe condition marked by physical symptoms and loss of control to the point, that maintaining the addiction to alcohol becomes the main focus of a person’s life. The physical dependence on alcohol is continued despite the knowledge of its harmful consequences.
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How to quit alcohol?
Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Stay away from places and situations where you might be tempted to drink.
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Health Tips
How to suspect if someone is using cocaine?
If there are one or more of the following warning signs, the person may be using cocaine:
  • Red, bloodshot eyes
  • A runny nose or frequently sniffing
  • A change in eating or sleeping patterns
  • A change in groups of friends
  • A change in school grades or behaviour
  • Acting withdrawn, depressed, tired, or careless about personal appearance
  • Losing interest in school, family, or activities he or she used to enjoy
  • Frequently needing money
Other Health Tips
What to expect after quitting alcohol?
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