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'Pregnancy Notes' For Before, During and After Pregnancy

Rujuta Diwekar's new book 'Pregnancy Notes' about traditional eating before, during and post pregnancy is the new favorite among young moms and expectant mothers

'Pregnancy Notes' For Before, During and After Pregnancy

Rujuta, the celebrity dietitian has compiled pregnancy notes for women during and post pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a period of challenges and surprises. What's important is that you maintain good physical and mental health to live through it happily. And it's not just during the pregnancy period that adequate care for your health is important, breastfeeding and delivery can strip your body of essential nutrients that you need to regain through proper nutrition after childbirth. The other problem that young moms face is losing their postpartum baby weight. The extra kilos of fat can be tough for weak moms to shed. But Rujuta Diwekar, the celebrity nutritionist, has a perfect solution for all this.

Rujuta was in news recently as the reason behind Kareena Kapoor Khan's phenomenal weight loss post pregnancy. Kareena lost more than 12 kilos in less than three months, with due credit to her nutritionist's guidelines. Her fitness regime included pilates and cardio along with major cycles of surya namaskar.

Kareena also mentioned how Rujuta advices her to eat smaller portions of her meal multiple times throughout the day so she wouldn't feel hungry too soon. And now, Rujuta has answered the wishes of many of her mummy fans as she has compiled a book, Pregnancy Notes, of heritage recipes for pregnancy and post delivery that was released on 15th July. This book will be a guide for young moms and moms to be to stay healthy during pregnancy and lose weight quickly after childbirth.

The much awaited book is said to have traditional and regional recipes like Murankakerai saag, Raw Chalimidi, Goond raab, Methi seed usal and 17 other recipes, making it a total of 21 healthy and nutritious recipes, all specific to pregnancy.

Fans and women across the globe are excited about the release of her book, saying that it will be a 'precious legacy for generations'.

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