• Discover your uniqueness, down to the molecular level by reading what your DNA says about you! Discover traits, predispositions and abilities; Discover yourself!

  • Nutrition on your mind? Tired of choosing diets off the internet? WAIT! Your DNA can tell you about what would work best for you - response to fat, gluten, deficiencies and much more!

  • Power sports or endurance athletics? Discover what would work best for YOU! What physical activity would give you the best results?

  • One drug does not suit all! If you've wondered why a drug works miracles for your friend but not for you - take a look deep within- your DNA determines how you respond to different drugs.

  • Personalise your health check ups! Your DNA determines your genetic predisposition to health issues such as cancers, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Understanding your genetic risk helps you plan your health checks better

  • Bet you didn’t know that a lot of diseases can actually be controlled by making the simplest of changes in your diet and lifestyle! Once you’ve unraveled your DNA story, you can make the changes needed for a healthier life!


Mapmygenome Products

    The ultimate DNA based preventive health assessment product, Genomepatri is a once-in-a-lifetime, painless, simple saliva based test that scans your DNA for variations wh; Read more

    The DNA-based Fitness test of the elite! Taken up by the leading sportspersons of India, MyFitGene is a genetics-based nutrition and fitness planner like never before! By; Read more

    One drug does not suit all. Before you pop that pill, stop and ask yourself - Will this work for ME? Enter MedicaMap - the most comprehensive pharmacogenomic test, that a; Read more

    Genomepatri Lite is a DNA-based test that takes you a step closer to you. With a simple swab of saliva, you can gain better insights to the role of genes in defining you ; Read more

    Sugar Gene™ is a genetic test that gives the genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes, associated risk factors and diet patterns that suit YOU. Modify your lifestyle tod; Read more

    Work out and get fit - the SMART way! The best starting point in your journey towards your fitness goals. Discover how your muscles are built, discover what workout will ; Read more

    If you're one of those people who have tried every diet available on the internet, in an attempt to slim down/size up, and given up in vain, THIS is for you! SlimGene is ; Read more

    Good health is at the heart of everything and we can help you reach there faster - get you DNA-based cardiac health profile for over 10 heart-associated diseases and risk; Read more

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Know your genetic risk for over 15 different types of cancer. Our genetic experts will help you understand the test results so you ca; Read more

    Stressed about stress? Get our revolutionary test which reads your risk for neurological conditions and psychological traits - Learn to manage anxiety, improve learning s; Read more

    Ladies, it's time to take control - of your health! Get predictive assessment for conditions and lifestyle tendencies that impact reproductive health and overall wellness; Read more

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