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Staying stress-free

Healthy lifestyle choices, health-promoting diet and a positive mental attitude helps staying stress-free.

Staying stress-free

  • Learn to deal with stress - Stress is an inevitable part of our daily life. We can't avoid it but can definitely learn how to deal with it effectively. This helps us in maintaining our mental health. Tackle mood swings- We all experience mood swings but dealing with feelings of sudden anger, sadness, joy and fear in a constructive way is the key to happiness.

  • Pamper yourself - At times you feel that life is treating you in a very mechanical way. When you feel so, it is best to take an off from work and spend some time with yourself and your loved ones. Go for an outing and indulge in your favourite pastime.

  • Trust your abilities - Identify your abilities and weaknesses together, accept them, build on them and do the best with what you have.

  • Healthy lifestyle choices - To be stress-free, adopt a healthy and positive lifestyle, which includes not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, exercising regularly and following a balanced diet.

  • Health-promoting diet - Cut on oils and spices from your diet and eat fresh fruits, vegetables just for a week and you'll yourself feel the difference. A healthy diet minus junk food keeps your immunity strong and also makes you feel fresh and energetic.
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