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Mother's Day 2017: The Best Diet Plan For Your Mother

After 50, the body begins to work against you and the best diet for women is actually no diet at all.

Mother's Day 2017: The Best Diet Plan For Your Mother

This Mother's Day it's time to pay attention to your mom's health and in particular help her pay attention to her diet. Is she eating healthy? Is she eating enough? Is she fulfilling her nutrient needs as she heads towards or crosses the 50s. After 50, the body begins to work against you and the best diet for women is actually no diet at all. The focus needs to shift to a healthy daily eating plan that consists of whole foods to provide needed nutrients for the second part of life. If not she is bound to get mood swings and rapidly gain weight. It has been seen that aging causes reduced ability to use calories from food, reduced function of hormones, depressed enzyme function and reduced ability to fight disease.
It's time to give your mother that diet plan which will help her thrive on this Mother's Day. The, the question is what should she eat? Here are the eating healthy tips for your Mother's Day 2017 plan:
  • Choose nutrient dense foods like fresh fruits and vegetables; lean meats and fish; beans and legumes; nuts and seeds; eggs and dairy. Whole grains help reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Early 50 brings hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings which are just a few of the side effects of peri-menopause and menopause. If you experience these symptoms, eating healthy fats may help you manage them. Flaxseed is good plant-based source of alpha linolenic acid, a type of omega-3. Snack on seeds and a few nuts, they contain Omega 6 and some Omega 3, replace butter with nut butter.
  • Limit saturated fat and trans fats. A diet high in saturated and trans fats is particularly implicated in making PMS worse.
  • Avoid excess refined sugar consumption as it may increase insulin production which may aggravate bloating. Processed food which contain starches and sugars that are quickly broken down by the body have a high GI. Middle age can sometimes bring with it insulin resistance and frank diabetes, so it makes sense to avoid too much refined sugar.
  • Nearing 50 brings an increased need for calcium to maintain bone health as the estrogen levels are low. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium from the intestines. Hence, it is functional in preventing osteoporosis. Dairy products such as cow's and goat's milk, yogurt and cheese are among the best food sources of calcium. Broccoli, almonds, soy foods also provide calcium. The best way to get an adequate quota of Vitamin D is to take a walk in the sun, eat fish oils and fortified cereals rich in Vitamin D.
  • Water plays many roles in keeping you healthy with age. It helps to digest food so you can absorb the nutrients you need. It gives you an important source of minerals like magnesium and calcium. Drink a lot of water soups and broths.
  • Reduce the intake of salt to offset bloating and fluid retention. In fact all the tastes like sweet, salty, spicy and tangy should be in moderation.
  • Eat many different colors and types of vegetables and fruits. They contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and plenty of other good stuff. As if this was not enough reason to include these fresh foods in your diet, it has been proven that fruits and vegetables can also help relieve symptoms in menopausal women.
  • Remember with age we are less able to fight infection. Keep raw foods apart from foods that are already cooked or won't be cooked. Use hot soapy water to wash your hands, tools, and work surfaces as you cook.
  • Make a conscious effort to reduce the intake of stimulant drinks - to help rid your body of toxins and balance blood sugar. Alcohol, coffee, tea and chocolate contain stimulants such as sugar, caffeine and tannins these can exacerbate tiredness, anxiety, panic attacks and hot flushes.
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