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7 Dangerous Effects Of Being Physically Inactive

According to WHO, physical inactivity or sedentary lifestyle can have serious implications on people's heath.

7 Dangerous Effects Of  Being Physically Inactive

Physical inactivity can lead to serious health problems in one's life

Love being a couch potato? Love to binge watch movies and DO NOTHING? This seems to be the new lifestyle of people these days. In the current landscape, people are mostly doing computer based jobs that leaves little or no scope of physical activity. It is dangerous for health, if people are not taking any effort to do physical activities. This article talks about how you are inviting health issues if you are not moving enough.

Read about those 7 ways, you are inviting health problems because of your sedentary lifestyle:

1. Mood swings
Since the body is not moving, it is certain that it gets steadily afflicted to physical and mental issues. Mood swings is one of them. Inactive lifestyle leads to huge fluctuations in mood. You may start getting irritated or annoyed soon. In addition, you may feel hopeless, anxious and nervous. Try doing things that can boost your mind. Do something as simple as walking.

2. Risk of cancer
If you think sitting idle for long hours will hardly affect youthen you are wrong. Sitting idle along with junk food consumption, work like open gates to obesity and thus, cancer risks. You need to be highly active in your daily schedule thus, letting go unnecessary fat from your body.

3. Forgetfulness
When the body is not moving enough, it gets used to laze around. It is not a good sign as it affects one mentally too. The biggest aftereffect is forgetfulness. The problem can get serious to an extent that it may lead to dementia.

4. Rise in blood sugar levels
This is the harsh side of healthy but sedentary life. It may sound ironical but often healthy weight also gets high sugar levels just because of inactive lifestyle. It is very crucial for people to exercise and toil as hard as they can. It can help in reducing down the blood sugar level by a large margin.

5. Low sex life
If you have an inactive behaviour then this may have direct effect on your sex life. As a matter of fact, sedentary life can lead to reduced sperm count in men. It is again recommended that people should avoid binge eating and watching TV for 5 hours stretch. It can have severe effects on physical health.

6. Sleep disorder
You may face several issues with your ways of sleeping. So there could be days, when you are excessively sleepy during day and night and then, there could be days when you will be totally insomniac. It simply affects one's overall health and one should make stern efforts to avoid it. Regarding this, you should do exercises every day. Instant drop in day-sleeping can be felt and one should not stop exercising after witnessing positive results.

7. Back ache
 Spending several hours on computer may make you feel productive towards your organisation but not for your health. Spending 4 hours at a stretch on computer may strain your back and you may suffer from severe back ache. If the habit continues then there are chances of disk degeneration that leads to excessive back pain. You should exercise everyday and take breaks from work every one hour.

If you are a couch potato, stop being one. Get up and get set for an active lifestyle full of healthy diet and exercises right away. Don't let sedentary life ruin you.

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