Health Tips
Add sodium to your diet
Sodium is essential to the body for fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve reactions except for those suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension). Since excess sodium in the diet can predispose to high blood pressure, a low sodium diet is better for health. Table salt is sodium chloride. Sodium occurs naturally in most foods and is also added to many processed foods and several over-the-counter medicines, like antacids, laxatives and aspirins.
Other Health Tips
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Safe food
Cutting down fats
Healthy and safe food
Chocolates are good for you
Stop skipping breakfast
Healthy Cooking
Prevent food poisoning
A fruity start keeps you fit
Reduce salt consumption
Restrict the intake of high soda drinks
Do you find yourself very pale and tired
Body fat is necessary for good health.
Reduce harmful fat in your diet
Check your calcium intake
Eat less, feel full
Add calcium to your diet
Folic acid prevents against birth defects
Oils that are least harmful for your heart
Who should avoid liquorice (mulaithi)?
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