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Is Amway protein supplement safe for a CAPD dialysis patient?

Saturday, 07 January 2006
Answered by: Dr. Vijay Kher
Consultant Nephrologist,
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals,
New Delhi
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Q. My question is that I am on CAPD dialysis. Every time I perform a exchange protein, essential amino acid and water soluble vitamin is lost via drained fluid. So I have to take 1.2 gm protein/kg body weight to maintain the balance. My serum albumin is low: 2.5 mg/dl. So I have a greater risk of peritonitis. So instead of taking high protein diet, I need a protein supplement. Can I take Amway protein supplement. Is it safe for a CAPD dialysis patient?

A.  Yes, Amway protein powder is safe. You should continue to use it.

A.  Yes, Amway protein powder is safe. You should continue to use it.

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