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Thursday, 03 September 2009
Answered by: DoctorNDTV Team
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Q. I am a 33 years old man.I am taking Bakflex a8 which is aceclofenac & thiocolchicoside tablet for my lower back pain for last 15 days & xyzal which is levocetrizine dihydrochloride..Recently I saw swelling in my ankles & thought to do a blood test,though as per the doctor this type of swelling does not indicate any presence of liquid or kidney problem.My blood test reveals that creatinine level 1.3 mg/dl,urea 19 mg/dl and uric acid 6.6 mg/dl & blood sugar-fasting 105 mg/dl.My BP is 120/80.I want to know whether I have kidney disease? or how can I reduce this creatinine level? is this normal? Pl advise.

A.  Your creatinine level is within normal limit.

A.  Your creatinine level is within normal limit.

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