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Queries Answered by Neeta Garg
Ms Neeta Garg
Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Wellness expert,
If you have any query about any medical problem get an answer from an expert
Weight gain
Pain in the shins
Weight loss - walking
How to build a good body?
How to lose weight and reduce a bulging tummy?
Are steam and sauna baths good for us?
How to lose weight?
Is there any harm in cycling everyday?
Is it hard to lose the stubborn fat?
Can cardiovascular exercises be done at home?
How can I build my muscles?
How do I get rid of the excess fat on my upper thighs and lower abs?
Will cycling/rowing help in lower back pain?
How can I use a treadmill effectively?
How can we help our son lose weight?
Am I doing fine to keep fit?
How can I maintain a balance between my weight and blood pressure readings?
Do passive exercise machines hinder conception?
Does metabolism rate slow down as one ages?
What kind of exercises should I do after a ACL tear in the knee?
What should be the ideal cycling speed to lose weight?
Are exercises done with rubber resistance bands as effective as weights?
Why is my leg hurting on exercising?
Which is a better technique of breathing?
How can I develop more muscular arms?
Which exercise should I do after a shoulder injury?
Why did I have pain after starting exercising?
How can I reduce a bulging tummy after a disc prolapse?
If I start exercising again after a long gap, will it affect my health?
How can I reduce weight from my thighs and legs?
Is the rise and fall of the pulse rate while exercising normal?
Are weight training exercises harmful for the bones?
Are slimming institutes effective in reducing the tummy?
Does yoga help improve the sex drive?
How can I build the endurance level of my legs?
Can I do padmaasana with poor leg endurance?
Why am I gaining weight?
How can I gain weight on my face?
How can I deal with my baseless thoughts?
Is it alright to run on tarred road?
Which exercises can be done after ovary removal?
How many hours of sleep does one need normally?
What can I do to reduce my waist size?
Is it a good practice to go for a walk after dinner?
How much exercise is too much and is it harmful?
What form of exercise is good for diabetics?
Will I gain weight, if I stop exercising?
What are the benefits of working out in a gym?
How can I improve muscle mass around my chest and shoulders?
Is running a good cardio-vascular exercise?
How many kilocalories should a person burn to lose 1 kilo?
Is it necessary to use a pillow while sleeping?
Can climbing stairs wear off the knee cap?
What is the best time for me to exercise?
How can I make my 6-pack-abs prominently visible?
Is it safe to practice yoga and weight training simultaneously?
Why has my wife gained so much weight during pregnancy?
Please give tips to help my son lose extra weight?
Does brisk walking increase serotonin levels?
Does regular usage of treadmill affect the knee joints?
Why have I developed a tummy after joining gym?
Why is my husband's facial skin sagging?
How do I improve my energy levels?
Am I following a healthy workout regime?
How can I motivate myself to exercise regularly?
How can I gain muscle mass on my arms?
What are the benefits of using a treadmill?
Can I take testosterone tablets to gain muscles?
Does exercising on a motorised treadmill help lose weight?
Are there any exercises except walking to reduce weight?
Am I doing the right exercises for treating backache?
How can I make my legs stronger?
How to gain weight?
How much weight can I lose by walking?
How can I gain muscle mass through exercise?
How do I continue aerobic exercises with problem in my feet?
What are the features of a motorised treadmill?
What exercises can I do during pregnancy?
Why do I get pain in the knees after jogging?
Does having water just before sleeping lead to weight gain?
How to build bone mass?
Is there an alternative to a morning walk?
How can I have 6-pack-abs without hurting my back?
When can I start exercising after a caesarean delivery?
Are medicines for body building safe?
Is walking better than jogging as a fitness exercise?
I have back and neck problems, how to lose weight?
Is skipping safe for weight loss?
Do I need special shoes for lumbar spondylosis?
Please suggest some warm-up exercises?
How can I build muscles on the shin?
Are supplements safe to help lose weight?
How can I gain weight on my face?
What is better - yoga or morning walks?
Am I over exercising myself, will this harm me?
What is better for skipping - hard concrete surface or the grass?
I get severe pain after running on the treadmill, should I discontinue it?
Are kick boxing and yoga beneficial?
Is two hours of daily exercise too much?
Why do I feel so exhausted after exercising?
How can heavy breathing be treated?
Should I exercise with lesser weights after 40 years of age?
Is it advisable to join a gym around 50 years of age?
What is better - a treadmill or an elliptical trainer?
At what pace should I be exercising in terms of heart rate?
Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?
What are quadriceps exercises?
Should I join a fitness centre?
Is walking at a slow pace worth the effort?
What is Tai Chi and how much sleep should a person get everyday?
How do I treat a sagging breast line?
What type of walking is better for health?
Will running affect my health in future?
How can I lose fat from my thighs?
What kind of shoes should I wear for skipping?
Why is my exercise regime not helping me gain muscles?
How can I reduce my muscles?
Is it safe for our daughter to use elliptical trainer?
How can I exercise at office?
What kind of a treadmill should I buy?
How can I shed the extra flab I gained post delivery?
How frequently should one go for a brisk walk?
Does heavy dieting adversely affect the body?
Does walking adversely affect the joints?
Is it okay to jog on a hard surface?
How do I tighten my loose and hanging skin?
Why do my joints pain on exercising?
Can I use a skipping rope for exercise?
Can my child use a treadmill for exercise?
Is climbing stairs as an exercise harmful for joints?
Can I run on a cemented surface?
Does cycling (stationary) help reduce calories?
How much time should be spent on a treadmill to lose weight?
How many calories does one lose by jogging for half an hour?
Am I really overweight?
What is the correct technique to breathe while jogging?
Do jogging and walking benefit in the same way?
How can I build up my stamina?
How can I tone up my body?
How can my husband increase his weight and stamina?
Is sauna belt safe to use?
sauna belt
Can I work out with cervical spondylosis?
What exercises can I do to get relief from neck pain?
Can I do light-weight training to tone up my muscles?
How to get rid of facial fat?
What is the ideal way to gain weight?
Do I need high intensity training to burn fat?
How should I protect my knees while jogging?
Is playing after having food bad for health?
How can my friend gain weight?
How should I lose weight?
How can I lose weight?
What are the breathing techniques while exercising?
How can I correct my drooping shoulders?
Is motorised treadmill better than a non-motorised one?
What should be ideal gap between meals and exercise?
Why do I hear clicking sounds from my knees while exercising?
Is it better to buy a treadmill or an exercising cycle?
Is this fat detecting machine reliable?
Can I tighten my abdominal muscles after a hernia repair?
Am I exercising more than desirable?
Can I do abdominal exercises during pregnancy?
Will I if gain weight if I discontinue exercising?
What precautions should I take to avoid ailments related to a sitting job?
Will walking on an incline add weight on my thighs?
Is skipping harmful for the knees?
Can I do heavy weights after surgery for internal piles?
How can I improve my stamina?
I have diabetes, can I do body building?
Exercises for a bedridden person?
Does weight training hinder bone growth?
How to gain weight?
Is cycling good for health?
How to keep fit inspite of a hectic schedule?
How to build up stamina?
Is a mechanical treadmill as good as a motorised one?
Is it good to start body building as a teenager?
Are there any adverse effects of using toning or slimming equipments?
Weight fgain
Chest exercises
Exercise - flat hips
Weight loss - exercise
Chubbiness on face and tummy
Muscle stimulating machines
How can I lose the fat on my abdomen?
Can I get joint pains due to excessive exercise?
What exercises ward off effects of menopause?
How to plan a weight loss programme?
Is it alright to lose weight quickly?
How effective are stomach massagers in reducing fat?
What stretching and warm up exercises should be done?
Can I go to the gym regularly?
Are the slimmimg machines safe to use?
How to build a strong masculine body?
Will I hurt my knee if I do running exercises?
How is weight loss related to the amount of sweating?
How many calories do we burn in a day?
What are the exercises for weight loss?
Please suggest a serious weight loss programme?
Why am I not losing weight after my third child?
What all is required to become a completive swimmer?
How can I improve my physical statistics?
How can I give my hips a good shape?
Why am I not losing weight inspite of trying everything?
Are the exercises I am doing enough?
Can one swim with a reduced cartilage?
Are treadmills a good option to exercise?
I am disadvantaged due to my immature looks, please help?
I have developed back pain after exercising, what to do?
Should exercises be avoided during vertigo?
Does insertion of Multiload lead to weight gain?
Can I increase the size of my legs?
Why do I get fainting sensation while working out?
Will General Motor’s diet plan reduce my blood pressure?
Is it safe to jog at the age of 45 years?
Do I need to wear a belt while doing weight training?
Will jogging aggravate my cervical spondylosis?
Has my daughter gained weight due to hormonal changes?
Why am I unable to lose weight?
Is my diet and exercise schedule correct?
Can I take dietary supplements to gain mass?
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