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Ms Neeta Garg

Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Wellness expert,

Neeta Garg is MA Counseling Psychology Bombay University, Counseling Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Behavioral Trainer, Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Specialist Certified Fitness Trainer from Reebok University.

Neeta carries with her multi-dimensional, inter-disciplinary experience of over 20 years. Her areas of expertise lie in health and well being, work/life balance, psychoneuroimmunology (mind and body work), movement and music, communication and relationships, marital and family issues and cross cultural work.

Currently having her private practice in Pune, she has previously been empanelled with The Apollo Clinic, Gurgaon and The Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi. Neeta concurrently is an Academic Counselor / Psychologist with FLAME, an educational Institute offering liberal arts and management.

As a Trainer, she conducts workshops and programs in integrated health and wellbeing issues for varied industries, associations, educational institutes. Some clients include Arthur Andersen, Coca Cola India, Reebok India, HSBC Bank, IIM-A (Delhi Chapter), IBM Daksh, National Health Services, (NHS) UK.

She has authored over 100 articles for publications like The Times Of India, India Today Plus, websites like activekarma.com and consults with doctorndtv.com. Neeta also anchored the Fitness and Lifestyle segments of nationally telecast NDTV’s program Good Morning India, for almost 8 years.

Widely traveled and well read, Neeta is familiar with 8 languages. Her creative pursuits include theatre, music and dance, art. She has pursued tai chi chuan, reiki and yoga for many years and she creates paths in her life with passion!

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