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Dr Bir Singh

Faculty Incharge,
Sex and Marriage Counselling Clinic
Co-ordinator, AIDS Education & Training Cell,
Professor of Community Medicine
AIIMS, New Delhi- 110029

Dr. Bir Singh, a Physician and a Public Health specialist, completed his MBBS in 1978 and M.D.(Community Medicine) in 1984 – both from All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Currently, he is a faculty member at AIIMS as a Professor in Community Medicine. He also heads the AIDS Education & Training Cell of AIIMS as its Coordinator and is also the faculty incharge of Sex and Marriage Counselling Clinic at AIIMS Hospital.

Besides being a Community Health (Public Health) expert, his areas of interest are HIV/AIDS Prevention; Health of Mothers and Children (Reproductive & Child Health); Counselling (family welfare, sex & marriage) and Health Communication/Health Education.

A prolific writer in English and Hindi, Dr. Bir Singh – apart from having many scientific articles & research papers in national and international medical journals – has also authored 25 books & booklets on health topics and more than 275 columns and articles on health in leading magazines and newspapers. He also has been a regular presenter of health programmes on radio and T.V. with close to 350 programmes to his credit. Through the AIDS Education & Training Cell, Dr. Bir Singh operates a popular telephonic AIDS Helpline 'Shubhchintak' as well as its internet based AIDS Helpline 'e-Shubhchintak' (at www.aiims.edu).

His active contribution to his areas of interest has resulted in conferring of 3 National Awards on him in last 7 years by Govt. of India, apart from the prestigious Fellowship of National academy of Medical Sciences (FAMS) and Fellowship of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine (FIAPSM).

He has also been a Consulting Editor for the DoctorNDTV book on HIV/AIDS and a contributing exp[ert to the DoctorNDTV book on Sex.

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