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Myths about sleep

People who sleep for long hours may suffer from problems such as sleep apnoea.

Myths about sleep

  • Myth 1: To function best, you need to get eight hours.
    Reality: Everyone has different sleep needs and patterns, and you'll know you're getting enough when you don't feel like nodding off in a boring situation in the afternoon.

  • Myth 2: More sleep is always healthier.
    Reality: People who sleep for long hours may suffer from problems such as sleep apnoea, depression, diabetes that make them spend more time in bed.

  • Myth 3: When we get older, we need less sleep.
    Reality: It's more difficult to sleep as you get older but we still need all of it.

  • Myth 4: You can make up for lost sleep over the weekend.
    Reality: The body requires consistency when it comes to sleeping patterns. It's not healthy to sleep for 4 hours on weekdays and 20 hours on weekends.

  • Myth 5: Some people only need a few hours of sleep.
    Reality: Too little sleep is bad for anyone's health. Nobody can stay healthy without adequate rest and sleep.
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