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AIDS in Asia - The Challenge Ahead
Jai P.Narain
World Health Organisation, Regional Office SE Asia, New Delhi

Sage Publications, New Delhi
2004, 395 Pages, Price: Rs. 295
Thursday, May 07, 2009

Known popularly as the White Plague in the early 80s since it was recognised for the first time in the USA HIV/AIDS is now the most devastating health and socio-economic problem that has affected populations worldwide in the last 600 years! Asia ranks second after Africa in having the highest number of people living with this dreaded infection. This book is the result of twenty years of experience with the epidemiological aspects and responses in various parts of Asia. Importance is given here to the development of the HIV vaccine and the hurdles that need to be overcome to achieve this. Also, there is the question of failure in providing anti-retroviral therapy (ART) to patients who cannot afford it in the developing world, a situation described by the Director General of the World Health Organisation as a global health emergency. The valuable lessons learnt here would help in designing strategies relevant specifically to the Asian context and in finding solutions to suit each countrys unique cultural and social milieu.

Author Profile: Jai P. Narain is Coordinator/Regional Adviser on HIV/AIDS and TB programmes at WHOs Regional Office for South-East Asia (SEARO), New Delhi.



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