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Family Medicine Guide
Ira J. Chasnoff
Funk & Wagnall,
, Pages, Price: Rs. 300
Monday, June 08, 2009

The family medical guide is designed to help you observe your health and regulate your personal health habits on a daily basis. You are the only one who decides what you eat, how you exercise, when you sleep, and where you go when a medical problem occurs. You are the only one who wants to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor while at the same time becoming informed about when you should see a physician. Family medical guide offers wide coverage of health and medical topics and shows you how to design and plan your health care and that of your family. It gives you the information you need to make the best use of modern medical care.

Author Profile: Ira J. Chasnoff, M.D., is the President of the Childrens Research Triangle and a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, USA. He is one of the nations leading researchers in the field of maternal drug use during pregnancy and the effects on the newborn infant and child. His research projects include a study of the long-term cognitive, behavioral and educational developmental effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol, cocaine, and other drugs; the effects on birth outcome of prenatal treatment and counseling for pregnant drug abusers; and the effectiveness of both outpatient and residential treatment programs for pregnant drug abusers.



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