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60 second chronic pain relief
Dr. Peter G. Lehndorff
Magna Books Division,
, Pages, Price: Rs. 175
Thursday, May 07, 2009

In this book, Dr. Peter G. Lehndorff, who has treated thousands of sufferers, reveals his proven approach to pain management. Using plain language and eye-opening: 60 second techniques, Dr. Lehndorff teaches how to reprogramme your way of thinking about pain and gives effective methods to deal with it. Then, by addressing the benefits and problems of medications, exercises, and mental conditioning, he shows how it is possible not just to cope with pain, but also to attack it and actually thrive.

Author Profile: Dr.Peter G. Lehndorff worked as a pain specialist at a large veterans hospital and finally opened his own pain clinic to devote his time to the study and treatment of pain. Brian Tarcy is a Cape Code based freelance writer with a distinguished list of credits that include writing for The New York Times, The Boston Herald, and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.



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