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Solve your child's sleep problems
Richard Ferber
Simon & Schuster, New York
1985, 251 Pages, Price: Rs. 617
Thursday, October 07, 2010

Your child may have problems falling asleep inspite of all the bedtime stories, sharing your bed, a drink of warm milk or even cuddles. Dr. Ferber is the Director of Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders, Childrens Hospital, Boston, and advises on how to deal with children aged one to six years with sleep problems - who refuse to go to bed, are restless and suffer night terrors, bedwet, rock in bed or just act stubborn about getting into bed. Sleep problems are extremely common in children and often cause tremendous worry, frustration and anger at home. They are definitely not the same as in adults and require correct understanding and handling. There could be no more appropriate guide in dealing with these than the author of this book.



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